Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bunny Cake Collaboration with Haniela's

                   Haniela's Easter Bunny Cake                           Munchkin Munchkins' Funny Bunny 
                                                                                      Ombre Cake
I am always tickled when my friend, Hani, of Haniela's, invites me to do a collaboration with her. :)  This time it's a bunny collaboration, and as you can see we were on the same wavelength when we each made a cake, as opposed to cookies. It was meant to be!
This cake offered me the opportunity to do something a little different with my new bunny cookie cutters. The ear cutter was made (and given to me) by Bobbi of Bobbi's Cookies & Cutters, designed from my "bunny cookies and milk" cookies. They are actually made to go on the rim of a glass, but I thought they'd be perfect for this Funny Bunny cake.
The bunny muzzle cookie was made by Tracy of Whisked Away Cutters, designed from my funny bunny cookie design.  Bobbi also made a "funny bunny" cutter.  It was so fun working with these two talented gals!
Whisked Away Cutters offers different sizes for the cutter; I used the 4-inch size for the cake.
I knew I wanted to make an ombre cake, since I never have. I even made it from scratch, which isn't always the case, using this recipe from Wilton, though I did use pre-made buttercream. 
I was pretty happy with the pink ombre reveal.
The bottom border was decorated with SweetWorks Celebration Pearls.
Haniela's cake is so cheery, bright, and perfect for spring/Easter!I love the contrast of the chocolate bunnies.  Hani has a wonderful video on making the cake, posted on her youtube channel.  If you haven't subscribed to her channel, you should! I really enjoy her videos, and they are so instructive! :)
Click HERE for the link to the video.

Thanks, Hani!

Funny Bunny Cake
  1.  Make the cake according to recipe linked above.
(My cake pans were 6-inch pans, but you can modify the cake according to the size of your pans.)
2. Buttercream icing (2-3 cups)
3. Pink gel food coloring
4. Ear and Bunny Face cookies* (Make cookies a day ahead
5. Decorative candy (Sixlets)
6. Black food marker
1. Place the darkest cake layer on a cake board and spread with icing
2. Continue with cakes until you end up with the lightest color on top.
3. Frost the entire cake with the icing.
4. Attach the bunny face cookie by putting a dollop of icing on the back and pressing it firmly, but gently onto the cookie. Hold in place for a moment. (If it doesn't hold, insert a couple of toothpicks underneath the teeth, or somewhere else to support the cookie, just don't forget to remove the toothpicks when you eat the cake.)
5.  On the top of the cake, use a small, sharp knife to make slits big enough to insert the ear cookies.
6. Gently press the candies into the bottom edge of the cake, making a pretty pattern.

1.  Bake sugar cookies using this recipe.
2. Cut out parts of the bunny with cutters.
3. Bake cookies and let cool.
4. Make royal icing and tint some of it pink, leaving the rest white.
5. With a #3 tip and the pink icing, outline and fill the inside of the ears.
6. Outline and fill the nose with the pink icing also. 
7. Let the pink icing dry for about 30 minutes, and then outline and fill the rest of the ears and the faces.
8. Allow the cookies to dry for 6-8 hours, or overnight.
9. Use edible marker to make details on the bunny face.

Have Fun and Happy Easter! 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

3D Bunny Basket Cookie for Easter

I recently purchased a fun, 3D purse cookie cutter set from 3D Cookie Cutter Shop on Etsy. I wanted to change it up for Easter and make it an Easter basket, but went one step further and modified it to make a bunny Easter basket.
Making the cookies is a straightforward process...I rolled out the sugar cookie dough and made a couple of modifications. I added the small circle cookie for a bunny tail to the baskets, and inserted a heart to accommodate the bunny ears. (The heart idea came from the talented Lisa Snyder, The Bearfoot Baker, in her book, 100 Animal Cookies.)
I filled all the pieces (the bottom base was unnecessary) with white royal icing. The cotton tail was dipped in white crystal sugar while the icing was still wet. 
After the royal icing was completely dry,  I used one of the wonderful stencils from Salsa Sweets to spray on the Gingham pattern (my favorite) with yellow Wilton Color Mist. After it dried, I created the (inner) ears using pink royal icing. The nose is a pink, jumbo heart sprinkle and the cheeks are small, pink confetti sprinkles. The black facial features were drawn on with a food marker. I also attached the bunny tail to the back piece with royal icing, as you can see. A blue flower sprinkle was the final touch.
Once the cookie was finished being decorated, and dry, it was time to assemble the basket. I thickened some white royal icing and put it in a decorating bag with a #16 tip. I applied royal icing to the bottom of the front cookie and to the front of the base cookie and pressed them together. I used a small jar to prop it up while drying. 
Next, the sides were attached the same way, and finally the back piece was attached and propped up with small jars also.
Of course, no Easter basket would be complete without Easter grass and Easter candy.
 I had so much fun making these baskets!
I love all the colors and still want to add orange and blue to the mix. It reminded me of dyeing Easter eggs, limited only by one's imagination. :)

The End

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

3D Double Scoop Sundae Sugar Cookies

I had a request to make cookies for an auction at church, aimed at raising funds for youth camp and said "Yes" right away. In the interest of time, without sacrificing appeal, I figured these ice cream cone cookies would be perfect. The cute serving tray was part of the package too. :) 
They come together quickly and are a snap to decorate. The best part is, they really do mimic ice cream scoops. :) I think they'd work out great for April Fool's Day too!
Decorating requires nothing more than adding chocolate brown royal icing (free form), sprinkling some jimmies on while icing is still wet and topping with a red candy "cherry".  I love the look!
For the auction, I packaged two cookies per cup, packaged them in a cellophane bag tied with twine and a wooden ice cream spoon, to add to the sundae illusion. :)

Ice Cream Scoop Sundae Cookies
Cookie scoop
Chocolate Brown gel paste food color (AmeriColor)
Super Black gel paste food color (AmeriColor) 
Multicolored jimmies (or any kind of sprinkles) 
Red candy for cherry (I used peanut m&m's)
1. Make sugar cookie dough.
2. Pack the cookie scoop to overflowing so that when you release the dough onto the baking sheet it looks like a scoop of ice cream, with the excess rim (see second photo from top).
3. Once you have all the scoops you want, place the baking sheet in the freezer and let the cookie dough freeze completely, all the way through, which will help the dough stay in the scoop shape.
4. Bake the cookies for 12-15 minutes.
5. Let cookies cool on baking sheets, allowing them to firm up. (If you need to round out the scoops again before letting them cool, place the cookie scoop over the dough and press down slightly.)
6. Use a #10 tip to apply the brown royal icing, free form, to look like fudge topping. (To achieve the chocolate color, use chocolate brown gel paste and add a squirt of black to make it a darker fudge color.) 
7.  Sprinkle on the jimmies and add the candy "cherry" while icing is still wet.
8. Allow cookies to dry completely.

To serve, you may place one or two scoops (depending on container size and scoop size)in the serving cup.  Add a wooden spoon. :)


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