Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Decorated Sugar Cookies

First of all, I am kind of giddy about these cookies. :) Truth be told, they were my second set, due to a minor "natural disaster" with the first batch. :(  
Here's the story...
The last couple of weeks it has been uncharacteristically warm (HOT!) here on the central coast of CA, and for about half of those mornings I woke up to ants, always in a new spot in the kitchen! Many people said it was due to the ants trying to escape the heat, but anyway, I almost went through a whole can of bug spray, and consequently scrubbed down much of my kitchen! :) Can you guess what's coming?
My first batch of pumpkin pie cookies were designed following Mike's (Semi Sweet) fabulous tutorial, using the same cutter he used. I had instantly fallen in love with his cookies and knew I had to make some, so I did!  I thought I had put them in a safe place to dry, high on a free-standing cabinet in the kitchen (oops!), but to my horror, in the morning I woke up to ant infestation all over my cute cookies! :(  Even though the ants weren't stuck to the cookies, there were ant germs all over them, and it was a terrible sight to behold! (I should have taken a picture, but I was in frantic mode, thinking I could save them somehow.) Thankfully, I haven't seen any ants since!
So, I had to make more cookies right away, which ended up having to be sent over night (FED EX) or they would have missed the Oct. 2 deadline for the 4th Annual GO BO foundation Bake Sale in Sister Bay, Wisconsin!
Though they're not exactly the same as Mike's, these were definitely inspired by his cookies. Thanks, Mike! I used a regular pie slice cutter this time (no modifying needed), and utilized a food marker for facial details and black candy beads for the eyes. My pie crust and whipped cream are also different. 
I am grateful that these cutie pies are as sweet as can be!

I look forward to making some more for my own sweetie pies!

Pumpkin Pie Decorated Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookie dough
Royal Icing
Ivory food gel coloring
Warm brown food gel coloring
Orange gel food coloring
Super red gel food coloring
Black candy beads
Black food marker
Brown food marker (optional)
Ruler (optional)
Food tweezers
1. Bake cookies according to recipe.
2.  Optional: Using a food marker (I used brown) and a ruler, mark the lines for the pie slice, especially the top triangle.
3. Using a number #3 tip, outline the bottom section of the pie with the pumpkin colored (equal parts warm brown and orange) royal icing, and then fill the section with the royal icing. Place the black bead eyes with the tweezers. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
4. Using a #3 tip and the darker pumpkin (a higher concentration of warm brown and orange) royal icing, outline and fill in the top section of the pie. Let dry for about an hour.
5. Using a #5 tip, add the crust (ivory with a bit of warm brown) with three rows of "squiggly" lines, following the top edge of the cookie.
6. Make sure the royal icing is dry and add the whipped cream (untinted royal icing), with a #5 tip.
7. Add cheeks with the #2 tip and the royal icing (equal parts super red and warm brown).
8. Allow the cookies to dry overnight.
9. Use the black food marker to add the smile and the eyebrows.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mini Pumpkin Cookies

It's fall!  
I made these mini pumpkin cookies a couple of weeks ago when fall had not officially started. They were my first fall cookies of the season this year.
As you can see they are very simple cookies, and also very cute.  I'm smitten!

 I used the oval cutter from THIS Ateco petit four cutter set, and cut the dough in half to make the pumpkins.

Mini Pumpkin Sugar Cookies
Sugar cookie dough
Mini pumpkin shaped cutter
Royal icing
Green, chocolate-coated sunflower seeds
Green, black, orange, yellow food markers
White gel food coloring
 1. Prepare cookie dough, roll and cut out cookies. and bake according to recipe.
2. Tint the royal icing orange.
3. With a #2 or #3, outline and fill the pumpkins with the orange icing. (I used medium consistency royal icing, so that I could fill the cookie immediately after outlining.)
4. While the icing is still wet, add the sunflower seed (stem) to the top of the pumpkin.
5. Allow cookies to dry completely.
6. Using the orange marker, make vertical lines on the pumpkins.
7. Use the yellow marker to coat the pumpkin, just to brighten it up a bit (optional).
8. Use the green marker to make curly vines coming from the stem.
9.With the black marker, add eyes and a smile.
10. Dip the tip of a toothpick into undiluted white gel food coloring and add the eye detail.

These would be very cute added to a fall cookie platter or filled up in a jar for a gift.

Have Fun! 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Candy Corn {Pumpkin Cookie} Pizza

I love fall! At this time of year there's always a feeling in the air that I can't describe, but it makes me happy. Maybe it conjures up contented memories from the past that I can't pinpoint, but anyway, it's a feeling that I like!

Along with this time of year comes pumpkin patches, pumpkin baking, decorating fun, fall-themed cookies, and of course, Halloween! We all know that Halloween means candy, and I don't think there is a more iconic Halloween candy than candy corn!

Last year I had the idea of making a candy corn cookie pizza, which I did (though it wasn't as cute as this one, if I do say so myself), and I only posted one photo on my facebook page and never did a blog post. 
Yesterday, I decided to finally use this Pillsbury, boxed pumpkin cookie mix (I could not pass it up on the sale rack for 75 cents!) that has been in my pantry for a short while. I'm so glad I did!  It was the perfect tasty base for my fall cookie pizza! My husband loved it too!

It was super simple to make because I also used store-bought frosting. :)
I did use my own royal icing for the facial details, since I had some already made.
This little guy is cute, but I ate him anyway.
This cookie pizza would be such a fun Halloween party dessert, or fall birthday dessert (we have a few in our family, with another coming soon!), or  just make one any fall day to make it a little extra special.
It's too easy, tasty and cute to pass up!

Candy Corn Cookie Pizza

One boxed cookie mix of your choice (or you can make a homemade dough)
2 tubs store-bought white/vanilla buttercream frosting (or homemade)
Yellow, orange and black gel food coloring
Royal icing for facial details (or use some of the buttercream frosting)
Decorating bags/tips (optional) or sandwich baggie
Small, off-set spatula (optional) or knife

Directions(refer to photo collage above):
1. Mix cookie dough and plop it onto the middle of the round pan (I used a pizza stone).
2. Use your hands (just washed:)) to pat the dough into a big circle (I put a bit of flour on my hands to make it easier and not so sticky).
3. Bake according to directions on box or recipe (I had to bake it about twice as long as the box stated, for the giant cookie). Allow cookie to cool (keep on pan).
4. Tint some of the frosting orange, and some yellow. Keep a small amount white for the middle circle.
5. Put some of the white, untinted frosting in the middle of the cookie (I used a decorating bag with no tip) and spread with a small, offset spatula (or knife), into a circle.
6. Spread the next portion of the cookie round with the orange icing.
7. Spread the yellow frosting around the outer edge of the cookie.
8. Decorate the face: I used a decorating bag and tip (#5 for the whites of the eyes), #2 tip for the black pupil and smile, and a #1 tip for the small white dot to finish the eye detail (another option would be to purchase candy eyes). You could use a plastic sandwich bag filled with the icing, and make a small cut in one of the corners to apply the facial details, if you don't have decorating bags/tips.


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