Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rustic Watermelon Cookies

You know what? I LOVE watermelon!  I have been known to buy a watermelon and have the whole thing polished off the second day:)  I also love cookies, so naturally watermelon cookies are a favorite of mine.  Something about them just makes me happy:)
These particular cookies were inspired by an awesome design created by Sweetambs.  She decorated her cookies entirely with royal icing and I meant to do the same, but at the last minute decided to "paint" them using gel food coloring and food markers.
 No two are exactly alike and their primitive charm appeals to me.
  To achieve the rustic look, after I applied the red coloring I used a toothpick to scrape the entire red area, back and forth, until I achieved the look I wanted. 
I like how they turned out, if I do say so myself. :)
I'm pretty sure I will be trying this technique again on more cookies.
Rustic Watermelon Cookies

Round Sugar Cookies (mine are 3-inch)
White royal icing
Decorating bag with a #3 tip
AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Colors: Bright White, Electric Green, Super Red
Wilton Icing Color: Pink 
AmeriColor Food Markers: Green and Black
Small paint brushes (used for food only)
Cotton Swabs
Round cookie cutter, smaller than finished cookies

1. Using the decorating bag and #3 tip, outline the cookies with the white royal icing and then immediately fill with the same icing. Let cookies dry overnight.
2. Use the smaller round cookie cutter and trace around the center of the cookie with the green food marker.
3. Color in the outer green band with the green marker. (It doesn't have to be completely precision and perfect.) 
3. Add a little bit of pink gel into a small "glob" (technical term) of red gel, and mix well.
4. Using a small paint brush, paint a big round circle in the middle of the cookie, leaving a small, white border around the outer ring of the red.  (If you need to, use a cotton swab to remove some of the red gel to make it more round, and to help achieve the thin white border.)
5. Using a very small paint brush, apply a thin, white border around the red.
6.  Using a very small paint brush, apply the electric green along the outside border of the white.
(None of these applications need to be precise, as you can see in the photos.)
7. With a toothpick, scrape the red area completely with a back and forth motion, scraping off any excess gel, until it is "dry".
8.  Apply the black dots (seeds) with the black food marker.

Have Fun! 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Oreo Blackboard Cookie Pops

These Oreo blackboard cookie pops are so easy to make! They'd be a great treat to throw into a school lunch or serve as an after-school snack with a glass of cold milk. :)  They's also be a fun treat for a class party.
I'm sure any teacher would be happy to be gifted with these cookie pops too.

Oreo Blackboard Cookie Pops

Oreo cookies
black candy melts
white royal icing (or white candy melts)
Lollipop sticks
styrofoam block

1. Melt black candy melts according to package directions and set aside (use dark chocolate if you can't find black).
2. Place cookies on wax paper.
3. Gently remove top chocolate cookie and set aside.
4. Gently press a lollipop stick onto the exposed white cookie creme, about halfway up.
5. Put a dab of melted candy to cover the top of the stick and gently press the removed chocolate  cookie back on top. 
6. When the candy melt has dried and the stick is firmly adhered, dip (re-melt if you need to) the cookie into the black candy melt until it is completely covered.
7. Let the excess drip off, and if you need to, use a small offset spatula (or knife) to smooth the candy over the cookie and make sure it is completely covered. 
8. Place the sticks in the styrofoam block and let cookies dry completely.
9. Use white royal icing (or white candy melt) and a #1 or #2 tip to add the letters.  I put  alternate letters on both sides of the cookie.

Have Fun!
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shark Fin Cookies

My husband isn't too fond of Shark Week; he enjoys surfing and wants to continue to enjoy surfing:)  Of course, we all know that sharks live in the ocean, duh, but lately there have been  multiple sightings locally, four to be exact!  
When my husband and his friend showed up at the beach to surf on the morning of August 2nd, this warning sign (above) was posted. Gulp. (Later, this warning sign had additional info added: the size of the shark was estimated to be 18-19 feet!) Yikes! 
Yes, they went surfing anyway.
 A couple of weeks ago, my husband arrived at another beach and was greeted by a friend that had witnessed a shark attack just 30 minutes prior, but fortunately, the shark merely bit the surfboard (it came around twice!) and not the surfer! Whew! 
The warning sign was the inspiration for these cookies and since I am all about "simple" I came up with this "not too scary" shark fin cookie. Of course, if I was in the ocean and spotted a fin, it would be VERY scary!  
Fortunately, the times that my husband has seen fins surface, they belonged to friendly dolphins:)

Shark Fin Cookies
Round and fin shaped (I made a template) sugar cookies
Royal icing
Blue ( AmeriColor Royal and Electric blue) soft gel paste food color 
Black (AmeriColor) food color
1.  Cut out and bake cookies according to recipe. 
2.  Let cookies cool.
3.  Add one drop of royal icing (per cup) to make the gray.
4.  With a #3 tip, outline and fill the fin cookies.  
5.  Set aside to set/dry the icing for a bit.
6.  Mix some of the royal blue into a portion of royal icing, and some of the electric blue into another portion. The consistency should be on the thick side.
7. Using a small, offset spatula, spread the icing on the round cookie (some of each blue shade), free form. (I also swirled in a tiny bit of white.) Use the spatula to also form some small peaks.
8. Gently, but firmly, place a fin onto the middle of each round cookie. It should hold up easily.

Warning Sign Cookies 
Rectangle sugar cookies
Royal icing 
Black and orange food markers (AmeriColor)
1.  With a #3 tip outline the cookies with white royal icing.
2.  Using a #5 tip, fill the cookie with  white royal icing.
3.  Let cookies dry overnight.
4.  Using the black edible marker, sketch a small shark and the warning.
5.  With an orange food marker, add the orange stripes.

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

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