Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cookies for Caleb:)

"C" is for Caleb, Cutie and Congratulations!!! My(our) newest grandchild, Caleb, was born on June 19, 2009. See the little guy and his stats here. He has also been added to my Munchkin "roll call" as "Munchkin #5" on this blog:) So happy to welcome another adorable grandchild to the family!
In honor of Caleb's birth, I baked and iced sugar cookies then shipped them to his home in Hawaii:) Quite a few were made so that Jesse and Lois would be able to hand them out to their visitors and friends as "favors." Carefully packaged they made it across the ocean without breaking! Whew!
Love the baby blue! I wonder if next time I will be making pink onesies?
I also made baseball cookies as part of Jesse's first Father's Day gift. He is a Dodgers fanatic so the package was Dodgers themed, including matching Dodgers baseball caps for father and son:)
Putting the cookies in cellophane bags tied with ribbon was the final touch:)

Welcome Caleb!