Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Root Beer Float Cake

As the saying goes..."As American as mom and apple pie and root beer float?!?" I sort of added that last little addition myself:)This recipe is not gourmet, and in fact is a pseudo baking project but is an easy, fun, tasty recipe! When I "found" this recipe on my Calendar(from Gooseberry Patch) for the month of July, I knew I was going to make it for the 4th of July!

Before I get into this cake I'd like to first give you a brief little history on the origin of the root beer float:

Frank J. Wisner, owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company had been producing a line of naturally flavored, naturally carbonated premium soda waters for the citizens of the then booming Cripple Creek gold mining district(in Colorado). He had been trying to create a special drink for the children of Cripple Creek and came up with the idea for his concoction on a moon-lit winter's eve while staring out at his properties on Cow Mountain.

The full moon's glow on the snow capped Cow Mountain reminded him of a big dollop of vanilla ice cream floating on top of his blackened Cow Mountain. As he told the story later, he was inspired by this view to hurry back to his bar and add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to the one soda water he produced that the children of Cripple Creek seemed to like best - Myers Avenue Red root beer - and served it the very next day to a horde of thirsty youngsters. It was an instant hit. (From Wikipedia)

And the rest, as they say, is history:)

Since I ended up having to work through the holiday weekend(Friday, Saturday and Sunday) I really appreciated the ease of baking this cake. I actually ended up making it on the 5th of July when we had a "day after" Independence Day BBQ:)
The simple cake was surprisingly very good!!! The root beer seemed to make it light, airy and moist! Also, the root beer flavor was subtle but definitely present, especially in the whipped frosting:) (I added buttercream frosting as a filling between the two layers.) We all enjoyed this cake very much, dangerously so...the next day my husband and I each grabbed a fork and were eating the cake directly from the cake stand! Yikes! It certainly is the baked version of a root beer float and is definitely worth trying!
P.S. I spotted these colorful measuring cups and spoons at a local produce stand(Avila Valley Barn), which has also developed into a gourmet food and gift shop:) I added them to my shopping basket on the spot! Aren't they fun and pretty? They are made of melamine and are very sturdy! They're nice and chunky which makes it easy for little munchkin hands to use when they help out in the kitchen:) I love their colors!