Sunday, August 9, 2009

175 Wedding Cookies!

Well, It is a bit of a blur, but after arriving home from Hawaii on Wednesday (overnight flight with a little nap), I was too tired to start the cookies, so waited until Thursday (for a Friday, 4 p.m. wedding)! YIKES!!! It was my niece's wedding and the cookies were my pleasure to make:) The whole endeavor was quite the whirlwind, but at least I had two Kitchenaid mixers to speed me along!

Cookies were stacked all over the place...the counter, the table(in the background), another spare table from the garage(cleaned off, of course), and a card table:)

It took me until 4 a.m. to ice all of the big, 5 inch cookies(with breaks here and there)! I grabbed four hours of sleep, which gave them time to dry:)

Doing the details was fun, but I hope I didn't get too sloppy as the time slipped away...

My husband helped out with the packaging, and we didn't finish until 2:30 p.m., then put the "pedal to the metal" to make the wedding on time which was over an hour away!
I sort of finished getting myself ready, in the car:)

I must husband was a lifesaver! He surprised me and left work early to come home and be my "errand boy" running here and there buying me supplies! :) I cringe to think of the outcome if he hadn't shown up! LIVE and LEARN! :)

I was so happy when we made it on time to the ceremony, and later, when each place at each table had a cookie:) WHEW! I just wish I had taken a picture!!!


  1. wow!!!175 decorated cookies..Lots of work and efforts you have put in! Well Done!!

  2. You are amazing!!!! Those look so fancy and beautiful. Thank goodness for hubbies to save the day, too :)

  3. Congratulations on this big order, I love the cookies they look great.

  4. They turned out awesome! What a labor of love : ) And how sweet of your hubby to help you out! What a guy : ) I totally want to learn how to perfectly ice sugar fact, I recently did a blog about it. Finding yummy icing is hard though! Its one thing to have a cute cookie but if its not edible it ruins the purpose :/

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  6. They look so good and you did an excellent job of the timing of these wonderful and I'm sure delicious cookies. What a great friend you are. They are so cute and so you did so many. Cheers from Audax and you just came back from Hawaii I'm super impressed. Yes I'm going to a wedding in 3 weeks time and I promised macarons (only 120 my baking adventure is going to like yours I think I have to make them in a strange oven)

  7. Wow... Now that's one impressive undertaking! Congrats and pulling through, and making such beautiful cookies despite the pressure!

  8. Oh my. Thatsalotta cookies! I'm so glad you got them done in time. They look fantastic!

    P.S. Looks like I'll be your penpal... see Susan at Doughmesstic's 8/15/2009 post here about the pen-pal project If you send me your address at, I'll get cracking on that letter :)

  9. Your cookies are gorgeous! And so many - the most I have done for an even was 80 and that was almost impossible in my tiny kitchen!

    also - I am apparently one of your recipients for Susan's (she's becomming doughmesstic) pen pal round up! Could you send me your email and I will email you my address? Thanks.

  10. Dear Sue,
    The cookies added the perfect touch to our wedding, and they looked amazing on the tables. Steven and I thank you so much for all of your time and effort spent baking and preparing for our wedding. You are such a great baker, everyone loved the cookies and still talk about how yummy they were!! We love you and can't thank you enough!
    Love, Paige and Steven Springhorn

  11. Ok! I am loving your blog! I have searched Halloween yummies and everything in between! I found you at tatertots and jello (your mini burgers)I am your newest follower and would love it if you would stop by and become my newest follower!