Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cookie Monsters and Soccer Balls

Another cute cookie idea from The Decorated Cookie:) Aren't these cookie monsters cute? They were also very easy to decorate, and the sky's the limit as far as that goes...there's no wrong way to make a monster:) Even so, I just fashioned mine after Meaghan's:) (The only difference is that hers are bite-size and mine are fairly large- 4 inches.) These are perfect for Halloween!
My friend made a request for cookies to pass out after her daughter's soccer game. Her daughter's birthday was the day before the game and a cookie would be given to each teammate (as a sort of birthday favor) after the game.
I had never made soccer ball cookies before, so hunted around the internet for ideas. I found a detailed tutorial , but realized that it was made with a hexagon(6-sided) template for the black sections of the soccer ball and my "research"showed that the black sections on a soccer ball are actually pentagons(5-sided). Aha! Well, I decided to just freehand the soccer ball design with the black icing. Though each ball is slightly different, I was pretty pleased with the results and breathed a sigh of relief when I was finished! I packaged each cookie in a cellophane bag and tied them with ribbons of green and yellow(team colors). I heard reports that they were well received!


  1. These cookies are so cute, love the decoration and colors! My nephew would love it :-)


  2. hey Sue, the cookies are cute!!!love the soccer ball cookies too. good job ;)

  3. You'll have to make a fun haloween treat with the kids when you come, Karaline always calls you the grandma who makes cupcakes : )

  4. These are what I am looking for for my grnadkids end of the year soccer parties...Can you tell me what type of icing you used?


  5. I used royal icing Let me know if you need the recipe!