Friday, October 9, 2009


I have wanted to make croissants for years, but have always put it off...making them seemed very intimidating and, well, beyond my culinary skills! All that changed with the September Daring Baker's challenge... puff pastry vols-au-vent. Do I dare? Well, it isn't called "Daring Bakers" for nothing! ;) The puff pastry was a success for the most part and during the process I discovered that both puff pastry and croissants are laminate doughs(roll-and-fold), the difference being that croissants have yeast and puff pastry doesn't. In my puff pastry post I stated that making it was a stepping- stone(huge one, really) to making croissants. Well, Kris (of Bake in Paris) felt the same way and thought it would be fun if we both had a mini challenge. (Click here to see Kris' beautiful croissants!) It was the extra "kick in the pants" I needed! I am happy to say "I DID IT!!!"
I found a wonderful recipe, withe rave reviews at Soon my own rave review will be added:) Above, adding the chilled, flattened out butter to the dough.
After "rolling and folding, " which was done 3 times through the whole process.
The final rolling out, 8"x40". I didn't think I would be able to achieve these dimensions, but I did:)
Measuring and cutting out 15 croissants...some with bittersweet chocolate added.
The chocolate croissants rising...I shaped these without the curved ends to distinguish them from the plain croissants.
The classic croissants proofing:)
Ta da! The finished croissants!

I let these get a teeny bit darker than I wanted them to, but they still produced a crispy, flaky outer crust and tender, buttery layers inside:) Mmmmm, they were so good and I was so happy to eat my own croissants! My husband and I were in heaven:)
The chocolate croissants were good, but next time I need to chop it finer, so that it will melt more. They were still yummy though.

Thanks for the "push" Kris!


  1. Sue, congrats! I am so happy to see your post this morning! And honestly, your croissants are fabulous, love them. I could see how flaky and crispy they are. My croissants don't have the same flaky texture like yours in the inside.

    So I guess this mini croissant challenge is more than worth it since it gave you a free ride to heaven :-) Having saying that, my kick is worth it too!


  2. Your croissants looked fantastic! I am going to try, try again.