Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Chalkboard Paint

This is my first post on "Works for Me..." and the theme is suggested as "gifts," but also states that we can choose to do an unrelated tip:) I had this in mind already and since I wasn't too familiar with the format for these posts, I didn't realize there was a theme for each. So, please bear with me:) (Long explanation!)

I love to bake, and sugar cookies are my favorite(decorated sugar cookies to be exact)! My hobby is starting to merge into a little business:) So, to see my orders at a glance, I utilized my chalkboard painted kitchen door! It was originally painted for the little munchkins to use(they still can use the bottom part-since they're short:)), but I love it now to keep myself organized with my immediate priorities:) It's big, easy to see, and is located right where I bake!

Chalkboard paint...have fun with it! (Click HERE to see all the other WFMW great ideas on "We are THAT Family")


  1. What a great idea Sue!! And congrats on starting your business--I'd love to hear how that is going for you. :)

  2. There's not a theme each week, of course I always manage to randomly link up too when it's a theme week.
    I keep meaning to check out paint.

  3. Can't wait to see your business grow!

  4. Ok that is cool. I've heard of chalkboard paint, but have never seen it in action.

    Now I'm squinting to see what projects you have up there lol.

  5. I love chalkboard paint! I want to paint some on my daughter's wall, when she's old enough (and she has a wall! We're still in a 1BR...). Great idea to put it in the kitchen!!