Monday, February 27, 2012

Strawberry Soup {with homemade cake croutons}

A couple of weeks ago while visiting Tidymom's blog, I read that the second annual soup extravaganza, Soupapalooza (Feb. 28-Mar. 5), was coming up... and prizes are involved:)

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I knew I wanted to join in on the fun, so immediately started thinking about what kind of soup I wanted to bring to the table:)  So many tasty recipes ran through my mind that I had  a hard time choosing.

I finally decided on a recipe that I had on my "to make" list for about a year~strawberry soup! I don't know why I waited so long?!? I guarantee I will be making this soup many times through the upcoming spring and summer months!
I checked a handful of strawberry soup recipes that surfaced on my google search, but finally decided on the recipe from Food Network.  There were 8 reviews with an average of 5-stars.

This recipe has so much going for it.  First of all,  it has only a few, simple ingredients and is thrown together in about 5 minutes! Instant gratification!  Secondly, we found it very tasty and satisfying. The taste was not too tart, and not too sweet, but just rightAnother plus is that it's healthy! It also doesn't hurt that it is naturally pink:) My husband and I finished it in a flash, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some reviewers added sugar to sweeten it, and others added more yogurt to thicken it, but I didn't alter a thing from the original recipe, and thought it was great!  I liked that it was midway between sweet and tart, but tilted more to the sweet side.  I also was glad that it wasn't thicker, which kept it more soup-like, as opposed to being a smoothie.

Instead of topping the soup with a sprig of mint (as suggested), I thought this would be the perfect soup to top with some homemade cake croutons(click HERE for link).  ( I even had a small, baked~with sprinkles added, unfrosted cake in the freezer.)  I was right; the cake croutons were the perfect crowning touch!

2 cups hulled and sliced fresh (or thawed, frozen strawberries)
1 cup orange juice
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Whipped topping, as needed
Cake croutons (optional)
Fresh mint sprigs(optional)

In a blender, combine all the ingredients but the whipped topping and mint(or cake croutons) and process until smooth. Ladle the soup into bowls and top with a dollop of whipped topping. Garnish with cake croutons or mint, if desired.


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  1. Yum! How Pinteresting! This looks delish. I've never heard of Strawberry soup - thanks for sharing. (Pinned it!)

  2. Love that it's not your typical soup! So pretty, too!

  3. This looks so yummy sue and those cake bits included - YUM!

  4. Oh my heck!! I LOVE this! and the cake croutons...perfect!

    Thanks so much for joining us!!!

  5. This looks delicious! I've had strawberry soup before but never seen a recipe for it!

  6. This is such a beautiful, creative recipe! I must make this. MUST!!

  7. It looks like summer in a bowl! Can't wait to try this.

  8. Oh my! Just recently I had come across Pineapple Soup & was surprised. Now I see Strawberry Soup & am shocked. Interesting, and great pics! :)

  9. Ahh brilliant! I've had cherry soup and it was so delicious I think we were fighting over the last of it! :D

  10. sue, sounds absolutely yummy....i bet my little ones would even try strawberry soup--if it's not chicken noodle, they tend to not even want to try (yep picky almost 5 year olds and 7 yr old!)

  11. Sue I like the way you think! Fabulous!!

  12. I never miss a thing from you if I can help it b/c I have your blog on my sidebar/blogroll!! Ok, this is amazing, I would love to serve this at a spring tea party!!!! Cake Croutons...genius I say!

  13. The soup looks great and I especially love the idea of cake croutons.

  14. Fruit soup is one of my favorites! Joni

  15. Ok, Sue, now you've done it - I just so happen to have a pint of strawberries in my fridge that I needed for photo props. I was going to eat them out of hand and act all healthy. Nope..I think I need to try this gorgeous soup, and there's no way I'm leaving out the cake croutons!

    BTW, Part 7 is going to be really good..Part 6 had to be whittled down since it literally swallowed my blog! lol

  16. Ooo how creative, Sue. Strawberry soup, nom nom! I have to try this.

    Also, about the Google friend connect, it's the opposite way around. Blogger/Blogspot blogs keep the google friend connect whereas Wordpress blogs with the HTML google friend connect will lose that feature. I was worried I'd lose mine too so researched it lol.

    I'm one of the followers to your site using my google account. For some reason, when I "follow" someone's blog, it doesn't automatically subscribe me to their feed, I have to do that myself and manually which is a pain as I followed quite a few blogs thinking I'd subbed but not. Good job I could find them again easily in my profile :)

  17. Strawberry soup has been one of our favorites for over 20 years now. I will have to try the cake croutons though! Sounds fab! We usually serve it as an appetizer (my excuse to have dessert first!)

  18. Those cake croutons are such a fun idea! What a great recipe.

  19. This is GENIUS, especially the cake croutons!!

    If this doesn't win a Top prize, I will be shocked and saddened. :)

  20. Had both strawberry and banana soup on cruise my husband I did a few years back. when I saw it on the menu, I knew I had to try it!

  21. Love it. The cake croutons are brilliant.

  22. I have never had a fruit soup before. It's like I live under a rock or something. Truly, that bowl of strawberry delicoiusness is something I need in my life.

  23. I have been searching for a strawberry soup recipe for over a year now and I think this might me the one. Can't wait to try it!! :)

    The Farm Girl