Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet?   I haven't, but going to the pumpkin patch is one of my must-do fall activities.  I actually end up going several times before fall is over.  Our go-to pumpkin patch is found at Avila Valley Barn, which is open all year:)
I think these pumpkin patch cookies may end up being my favorite cookies from fall 2013.  I sort of had an "aha moment" when they first crossed my mind, and was so excited to make them. 
I actually had a hard time finding any pumpkin mellowcremes, but was relieved when I finally did, even though they aren't Brach's:(  I could have made my own pumpkins if need be, but this was so much easier.
That's the beauty of these cookies; they are so easy to make! 
This year we didn't end up planting any pumpkins in our backyard garden, so these will have to make up for it...our own little tabletop cookie pumpkin patch.
This way there will still be a pumpkin to give to each one of our munchkins:)

Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Mellowcreme pumpkins
Brown gel paste food coloring (AmeriColor)
Electric green gel paste food coloring (AmeriColor) 
1.  Roll out sugar cookie dough.
2.  Using a square cutter (mine was 3-inches), cut out the cookies and place on parchment lined baking sheet.  3.  Chill for about 10-15 min. in the freezer to prevent spreading.
4.  Bake according to recipe. Let cookie cool.
5.  Make royal icing.
6.  Tint some of it brown and some of it green. 
7.  Fill an icing bag with the brown icing fitted a #3 tip.
8.  Outline each square cookie with the brown.
9.  Let dry for about 15 minutes and then fill in the cookie with the brown icing. 
10.  Let cookie dry completely.
11.  Put a dab of brown icing on the bottom of each pumpkin candy and place gently, but firmly, on the cookie. (Place them on an alternate spot on each cookie so that it looks more like a natural pumpkin patch.)
12. Place the green icing in a decorating bag fitted with a #3 tip.
13.  Make the vines in a freehand design around each pumpkin.
14.  Add leaves with a leaf tip (mine was #352). 
         15.  Let dry completely.
To display: Place cookies side-by-side (flush) in rows (all touching), on a platter or serving dish, to resemble a pumpkin patch.

Admire and enjoy!

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  1. Awesome idea, I love it!

  2. These are definitely NOT going to last long....they look way too yummy! Munch* Munch* Ohhh I wish I could have one!

  3. you've done it again, simple but so stinkin cute. My kid told me the other day he'd really likes cookies better than cupcakes. Guess that was a hint!

  4. Very nice! I'm admiring and enjoying... and wishing I had one of these cookies to consume, right about now!

  5. I love ideas that are simple and stunning and you did both with this set! I love them!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What great Fall and Halloween cookies! They are so cute!

    Leslie Gagne

  7. These are adorable!! You did a great job.

  8. These cookies look AMAZING!! Pinning this recipe, thank you!

  9. As I said on your FB, I flippin' love candy corn/mellowcreme and I love how simple and adorable these are!! Awesome idea, Sue! Creative, smart, and super fun; much like all of your designs!

  10. Super adorable and so simple. Just LOVE this idea! Genius as always, Sue!

  11. wow I am speechless once again at your amazing cookie creation, Sue. These pumpkin patch cookies are totally adorable!

  12. it's great pumpkin patch Charlie Brown! cute as ever :)

  13. Oh my gosh! How totally cute are these!

  14. Your cookies look so bright and so tasty. How did you come up with the idea of design? I think you love cooking a lot, though I don’t know you well. At least from your cookies I can say that you’re very positive person as you added such bright green color on the top :-)

  15. Sue those are beyond adorable!! Thanks so much for linking them up to our Pumpkin Party! Just shared them on FB. :-)

  16. I love these cookies! The cute little green vines really make them standout! I've seen a few cookies with candy pumpkins on top but these are the cutest I've seen by far! : )

    1. Awww, thanks for your sweet words, Heather!

    2. Sue, these are so fun and would be so fun to serve after a trip to the pumpkin patch. Hard to find those pumpkins? I thought they were everywhere. Joni

    3. Joni, They were not at our local grocery store (Albertsons), so I went to the drug store and found a bag, but they were all clumped together and I had to pry them apart. I guess I didn't really look too far and wide:)

  17. Now this is one cute *pumpkin patch* that I would love to get lost in :)