Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree

When two of my favorite bloggers,  Jill (Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons) and Beth (Hungry Happenings) invited me to participate in a Christmas Gingerbread group project, I immediately said "Yes!"  I happen to love gingerbread, especially at Christmas. In the past, I have made Woodland Santa cookies, Gingerbread grandchildren, a Ginger Manger, gingerbread cheesecake, Oreo gingerbread cookie truffles, more gingerbread truffles, and gingerbread men sandwich cookies.  I told you I love gingerbread:)
In deciding what to make for this project, so many ideas flew through my head that I changed my mind quite a few times.  I finally decided to do my version of the Christmas tree cookie platter that is featured on the current cover of Good Housekeeping magazine (I believe they used sugar cookies). Simply beautiful, I say.
I used four different tree cutters for the project and I think it worked. It's such a great concept to put all the trees together to make up one giant Christmas tree! Maybe it can be done with all sorts of cookies...a bunch of  Christmas stocking cookies to make up a giant stocking, for instance.  Hmmm, maybe:)
For this project I used my favorite gingerbread cookie recipe, found HERE, on my blog. It's a keeper! 
I had a bit of trouble with this batch because when I made it I wanted to double it, but ended up quadrupling the butter by accident, and then I had to quadruple the whole thing (didn't want to waste)! My mixer could barely handle it, so I had to mix by hand in my biggest bowl. Plus, I think I lost count of the cups of flour (should be 12, quadrupled), so the dough was a bit tough. Arrrgh, nothing like having a huge batch of mediocre dough!?!  They did not turn out as beautifully brown as usual, but they worked for this project, and we are having no problem eating them;)
When made according to the recipe, these gingerbread cookies are a dream!

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree 
Gingerbread cookies
A variety of tree cutters
Decorating tips (I used #2 and #3)
Gel paste food coloring: red, green, yellow
A variety of decorations: sanding sugar, sprinkles

Bake your cookies and let cool.
Divide the royal icing up and tint some green (mostly), a small portion red, a tiny bit 
yellow (star), and leave some white.
With a #3 tip, outline and fill in cookies.
Decorate cookies to your liking with icing, sugar or sprinkles.
Let cookies dry.
Arrange on a platter in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Jill and Beth, THANK YOU so much for inviting me to participate in this fabulous project! I appreciate all of your hard work!

Be sure and scroll down to see all the fabulous gingerbread treats!
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  1. So so pretty and festive! You are so good making all different kinds of cookies.

  2. Thanks for joining in on the gingerbread fun. Your cookies are beautiful. I'd love to find that platter on my Christmas table.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  3. quadruple cookies?! so what's the problem Sue? heehee your christmas tree is prettier than my real christmas tree in my living room. you just know how to make me smile y'know? so of course i'm thrilled to join you and the others on this amazing hop/giveaway thanks to Beth and Jill! :>D

  4. I love it! It'd be so much fun and festive at a Christmas party! Also, eek re: the quadrupling dilemma! I'm anti-waste and probably would've gotten into the same debacle that you did! ;)

  5. i love these Sue! What a nice cookie collection, similar but all different!

  6. I LOVE your gingerbread trees, each one is styled so unique!

  7. Sue, I totally adore these. I love different shapes and colors and designs!Merry Christmas!

  8. Those trees are so fun ... variety is the spice of life :)

  9. Wow, gingerbread cookie heaven! I used to hate gingerbread cookies. but now I like them enough to drool when I see and smell them. Gorgeous artwork as always :) That said..thanks so much for your kind words about Lis's passing.I keep expecting to hear from her, and then I remember :( In any event..wishing you and yours an amazing holiday season. Miss you! xo

  10. I love all the different designs on your cookies, Sue. And they look fabulous all together! :)

  11. All these cookies are making me hungry! I love gingerbread!

  12. Cute - I like the mixture of trees as well :)

  13. My hubby and I have a debate going as to whether or not people really 'like' the taste of gingerbread cookies. Personally...I like them...and yours are super cute!