Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Love You "Cherry" Much~Valentine Cookies

It's only two days until Valentine's Day and I have got the perfect cookie for you.  It may be the most easy-peasy cookie ever!  It was especially easy because I had these small cookies stored in my freezer for another project (which never happened). Yippee! 

 It all started when I had finally gotten around to making decorated sugar cookies from a cherry cutter (two cherries, attached).  After I iced them, I realized that I had made them all wrong...with a big thick single stem?!?  I do not like cherries (the actual fruit) and never eat them, so I will use that as my excuse for not remembering that cherries grow on skinny stems:)
I quickly realized my mistake, but didn't want to go to the effort of making more sugar cookies at that moment.   I looked around to see what I could use as cherries on my small (1-1.5 inch)  cookies... Hmmm, I could use red m&m's (which would work well too), but then spotted these (Celebration pearls candy from Sweet Works)
right on my kitchen shelf! 
A couple of months ago my sweet friend, Heather (Sprinkle Bakes), had included them in an order as a little birthday surprise:) Don't they make perfectly cute cherries!?!
Did I mention how easy these cookies were to make? 
 As I said, I don't care for fresh fruit cherries, but seem to love them in any other form~ cookies, fondant, candy, cute graphics (especially with smiley faces) get the picture.

Putting them in the jar (I already had a red painted lid:)) with this adorable tag (I found on pinterest) attached, was the perfect way to keep the cuteness factor high:)

Cherry Cookies 
Small sugar cookies
Royal icing tinted green (with
Wilton leaf green food coloring)
#3 decorating tip
Small red, round candies (above, or other) 
Cute tag
Make (or purchase)small sugar cookies
With a #3 tip (and decorating bag) make a "V" shape on the cookie with the green royal icing 
Add a small leaf at the tip
Place the red candies at the end of the stems (making sure they are on top of the royal icing)
Let dry, making sure the red candies have adhered completely.
Place the cookies in a jar and add a cute tag (with a cherry graphic, stamp, or sticker)
Be sure to write a corny cherry phrase to complete your gift:)

Have a Cherry Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. So, so, so cute! Cherry treats are a favorite of mine... loving this idea!

  2. These are... oh, my... so sweet and romantic!! I loved that cherry on biscuits....!!! You're great! Lots of real love for you!!

  3. What a cute and easy last minute Valentine's Day treat.

  4. Sue, I am just loving all of your Valentine cookies this year! How could you not like real cherries?! Well, we all have our dislikes....mine is beets. Ick! :)

  5. i love these cherry much! get it? cherry much? no? well, think about it and i think you will because ALL your stuff is cherry cherry awesome!!! heehee :)

  6. Sooo sweet :) I love cherry everything! The simplicity is perfect ... love the packaging too!

  7. they are so cute Sue. Also loving the jars Happy Valentine. xoxo Misbah

  8. So cute! I love what you did to make the cherries! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Darling, Sue - Just darling!

    Hope you had a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day!


  10. Sweet little cherrie cookies! Yummy! Love your post "cherry much" :)
    Happy day!
    Carpet cleaning Maida Vale

  11. I simply adore these! You are so cleaver! Pinning now.

  12. Oh my gosh...I work for a cherry plant...these would be a big hit there!