Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mustache n' Milk Cookies

Well, I wasn't sure I was going to get to any sort of St. Patrick's Day cookies done this year, but I knew I wanted to do this St. Paddy's version of cookies and milk, akin to my Valentine's Day set.

I actually did make a double-decker cookie for St. Patrick's Day, inspired by Bridget's (Bake at 350) from two years ago (so beautiful!), but something went wrong. The plan was to use a plaque cutter, make a rainbow from royal icing, and place an orange iced mustache (see above) on top. The only problem was, I decided to deviate from the usual rainbow colors (which I have done before, successfully) and the colors did not look good after all:(  Sigh.

Well, I'm grateful for easy, and quick, and cute, especially when time is short. 
(I got sidetracked from working on my St. Patrick's Day cookies, by diving head first into my Babushka Nesting Cookie idea!)

The Mustache n' Milk Cookies are super-duper simple:)

1.  Make some mustache sugar cookies (not too thick. They need to balance nicely on the straws).  2.  Frost the cookies using orange tinted royal icing. Let dry. 3.  Add some detail lines to the mustache when the base color dries.  (An alternative is to add orange sanding sugar after you apply the base color.) 4.  Add a drop of royal icing to the (middle) back of the mustache cookie and press gently onto a drinking straw. Let dry. 5.  Add a few drops of green food coloring to a clear glass of cold milk, insert straw, and enjoy!  

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  1. cute! i hope you do milk and cookies for every holiday!

  2. You just come up with the cutest ideas that my Grands will appreciate, XOXO

  3. Simple but equally as cute as the rainbow cookie. In fact, I think kids would love the green milk. They get a two-for-one treat.

  4. i mustache you if every cookie you make will make me squeal...never mind, i already know the answer! :)

  5. So cute, Sue. I did end up make mustache cookies for my daughter's party (haven't posted them yet) but they don't look nearly as cute as yours. Love them!!!! Especially on the straws!

  6. Oh my goodness SUE!! I love the green and orange! Pinning now!!