Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American Flag Cookies {Simple and Speedy!}

Once again, I was inspired by Melissa of My Cake School.  She posted an American flag cake using simply buttercream frosting and a clam tip.  It looked so pretty, and simple too. Definitely a "must make"!
These cookie flags were made even simpler by using pre-made buttercream frosting from a bakery:) I already had the cookies baked and in the freezer so it took a mere few minutes to complete each flag, and I love the results! They even have 13 stripes:)

American Flag Cookies
1.  Whip up your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
2.  Purchase (or make) buttercream frosting.
3.  Divide frosting into thirds and tint one part blue, one red, and keep the other white. (Mine were already purchased in these colors.)
4.  Mark where the blue part is going to be on the cookie. (I lightly etched into the cookie with this professional needle tool.)
5.  Using the #18 tip (Melissa used a #21 tip for her cake), pipe blue rosettes.
6.  Using a #18 tip, pipe the red stripes and then the white stripes.  Start and end with the red. (Practice on wax paper with the cookie cutter drawn on it.)
{For the piping refer to this link.}
7.  With a #3 tip, apply small dots on the blue area to represent the stars.

TA DA!  Let's hear it for the red, white and blue!

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  1. I love these cookies. Frosted sugar cookies are the best, in my opinion. How love how festive they are. Pinning!

  2. Great idea! They look delicious! :)

  3. Wow these look great! Such neat piping!!

    FoodNerd x


  4. if i piped a flag on a cookie it would like like squiggly snakes smashed by a mack truck so of course i will just admire yours! :>D

  5. I love using this design when I need something quick and easy. Plus for me it's a way I don't have to clean the edges of my cookies! Your flag cookies are so fun and festive!

  6. These are so fun! And easy. Easy is good when it comes to holidays. :) They turned out so great! Love 'em!

  7. How patriotic look! Awesome cookies, easy and delish!

  8. I love the use of the star tip! You gave the cookies a great texture that looks AMAZING!!

  9. These cookies look so great and very patriotic, I can't believe how easy they are.

  10. Really cute. You did such a good, and straight, job!

  11. Cute! Definitely need to pin these so I have them for next 4th of July!