Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Sunflower Cookies

I think I may have mentioned quite a few times that I love sunflowers! They make such a presence with their size and cheerfulness that you just have to take notice. They make me happy. :) I don't have much of a green thumb, but I can grow sunflowers.
One year my son and I had such a fun time watching one of out giant sunflowers growing. It was so tall that we needed a ladder to get a good look at it. :)
Our sunflower garden from the past and my cookie inspiration. I really need to plant some again ASAP!
One happy sunflower with its face turned toward the sun, of course.
A cookie sunflower garden. 
I made a couple of bigger sunflowers too.
One more for good measure.

Happy Sunflower Cookies
Sugar cookie dough
Royal icing
Chocolate brown AmeriColor food gel
Sky blue AmeriColor food gel
Leaf green AmeriColor food gel
Gold AmeriColor food gel
Black Foodoodler food coloring marker
Brown Foodoodler food coloring marker
Wilton leaf tip #67
Wilton tip #3
Small round cutter
"Tall" cookie cutter (Mine is 4.5-inches by 2-inches from Whisked Away Cutters)
1. Bake cookies according to recipe.
2. Make royal icing according to recipe.
3. Divide royal into four parts, tinting one part blue, one part yellow (gold), one part green and one part brown.
4. Outline and fill the entire cookie with the blue royal icing (#3 tip), and allow it to dry completely.
5. Use a small round cutter and brown food marker to trace a circle for the sunflower.
6. Outline and fill in the brown circles with the brown royal icing and a #3 tip. Let dry for about 30 minutes.
7. Using the leaf tip, and a thicker yellow/gold royal icing, apply the petals around the brown center with the leaf tip (#67).
8. Use the green royal icing (and #3 tip) to make a stem on the flower, and a thicker green icing for the green leaves with the leaf tip.
9.  When the brown has completely dried, add the facial details with the black food marker.


For more sunflower treats, click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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  1. Sue you could grow a weed and it would be adorable! love these happy smilin' sunflowers! :)

  2. Sue, these are the happiest little sunflowers ever!

  3. These cookies are amazing, you are AMAZING, Sue.

  4. These cookies are so sweet, especially with their cute smiles.

  5. Your cookies are so cute, Sue! Perfect for spring.

  6. so pretty! And I bet you grow great sunflowers, always fun when life is the real inspiration!

  7. Well have such a Happy disposition I couldn't help but break out in a HUGE grin!! :)

  8. The colors are so cheerful and the faces, so sweet!! Love!!! <3

  9. Oh my goodness, these sunflower cookies are precious! I LOVE their smiling little faces. ;)