Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumpkin Pie Decorated Sugar Cookies

First of all, I am kind of giddy about these cookies. :) Truth be told, they were my second set, due to a minor "natural disaster" with the first batch. :(  
Here's the story...
The last couple of weeks it has been uncharacteristically warm (HOT!) here on the central coast of CA, and for about half of those mornings I woke up to ants, always in a new spot in the kitchen! Many people said it was due to the ants trying to escape the heat, but anyway, I almost went through a whole can of bug spray, and consequently scrubbed down much of my kitchen! :) Can you guess what's coming?
My first batch of pumpkin pie cookies were designed following Mike's (Semi Sweet) fabulous tutorial, using the same cutter he used. I had instantly fallen in love with his cookies and knew I had to make some, so I did!  I thought I had put them in a safe place to dry, high on a free-standing cabinet in the kitchen (oops!), but to my horror, in the morning I woke up to ant infestation all over my cute cookies! :(  Even though the ants weren't stuck to the cookies, there were ant germs all over them, and it was a terrible sight to behold! (I should have taken a picture, but I was in frantic mode, thinking I could save them somehow.) Thankfully, I haven't seen any ants since!
So, I had to make more cookies right away, which ended up having to be sent over night (FED EX) or they would have missed the Oct. 2 deadline for the 4th Annual GO BO foundation Bake Sale in Sister Bay, Wisconsin!
Though they're not exactly the same as Mike's, these were definitely inspired by his cookies. Thanks, Mike! I used a regular pie slice cutter this time (no modifying needed), and utilized a food marker for facial details and black candy beads for the eyes. My pie crust and whipped cream are also different. 
I am grateful that these cutie pies are as sweet as can be!

I look forward to making some more for my own sweetie pies!

Pumpkin Pie Decorated Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookie dough
Royal Icing
Ivory food gel coloring
Warm brown food gel coloring
Orange gel food coloring
Super red gel food coloring
Black candy beads
Black food marker
Brown food marker (optional)
Ruler (optional)
Food tweezers
1. Bake cookies according to recipe.
2.  Optional: Using a food marker (I used brown) and a ruler, mark the lines for the pie slice, especially the top triangle.
3. Using a number #3 tip, outline the bottom section of the pie with the pumpkin colored (equal parts warm brown and orange) royal icing, and then fill the section with the royal icing. Place the black bead eyes with the tweezers. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.
4. Using a #3 tip and the darker pumpkin (a higher concentration of warm brown and orange) royal icing, outline and fill in the top section of the pie. Let dry for about an hour.
5. Using a #5 tip, add the crust (ivory with a bit of warm brown) with three rows of "squiggly" lines, following the top edge of the cookie.
6. Make sure the royal icing is dry and add the whipped cream (untinted royal icing), with a #5 tip.
7. Add cheeks with the #2 tip and the royal icing (equal parts super red and warm brown).
8. Allow the cookies to dry overnight.
9. Use the black food marker to add the smile and the eyebrows.

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  1. These are seriously the cutest things ever!! I'm obsessed with watching people decorate sugar cookies on Youtube. I admire that talent. One day I'll be kind of decent at decorating cookies. ha

    1. Thanks for your comment! Most of the cookies I decorate are simple designs. I am on the verge of trying to do videos, because I too enjoy watching the cookie decorating videos! :)

  2. These are so incredibly adorable! I'd love it if you could come link them up with us at our Best of the Weekend Link Party that went live last night! So cute!

    1. THANKS! I will link up if it's not too late! :)

    2. Still loving these cuties! Featuring them tomorrow night at the link party :)

  3. Cutest pumpkin pie cookies I've ever seen!!!

  4. So sorry about the first set Sue! I hate when things like that happen. I will say that you work well under pressure because these are adorable! I love everything about them!

  5. oh shoot i sent those ants to pick up a couple of those cutie pie cookies for can never get good help these days! :>O!

  6. How did u get the shape for your cookies? Did you use a cookie cutter or just wing it and cut them out with a knife?

  7. Those are the cutest 3-D pumpkin pie slices ever! I would prefer my pumpkin pie in this form - thank you very much!

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline, but they are not 3-D, just flat, though you are the third person that thought they were 3-D! :)

  8. You always have the cutest cookies. I love these!

  9. These are sooo cute :)
    I really hope you'll link up your cookies with Idea Box:

  10. Wow - they sure DO look 3D. Thanks for the idea and the wonderful photos.

    Tavette - S. Fla.